This album will take you through our Timket celebration from start to end. As usual, to show relentless support in saving our church, we conducted serate kidase in our church garden, followed by the wonderful and blessed celebration. Enjoy.

This album will take you through our Gena (Christmas Eve) celebration. We begun by our usual prayer at our Church garden, and carried on the celebration. It was truely a blessed evening. Enjoy!

This is our last day for our spiritual confrence, and also the last day for our two special guests Kesis Melaku & Zemari Cherent. This album will take you through the journey from when it started, to the very end. GOD BLESS!

ዓመታዊ የኅዳር ጽዮን ክብረ በዓል  እሁድ ኅዳር 21 2007ዓ.ም

በታላቅ ድምቀት በቤተ ክርስቲያናችን ቅጥር ግቢ ውስጥ ተከብሮ ዋለ።

CC press release

ቻሪቲ ኮሚሽን ሼክሽን 46 ምርመራ (SECTION 46 INVESTIGATION) ከፈተ

ቻሪቲ ኮሚሽን በርዕሰ አድባራት ለንደን ደብረ ጽዮን ቅድስት ማርያም ቤተ ክርስቲያን ‘አስተዳደር’ ላይ ከፍተኛ ምርመራ (SECTION 46 INVESTIGATION) በ6/10/2014 መጀመሩን በ13/10/2014 በጻፈው ደብዳዴ ላይ አስታወቀ።

(ሙሉ ጽሁፉን ለማንበብ እዚህ ጋር ይጫኑ)

Front cover_Jesus blesses the children


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